Lakewood Ranch – Red,White,Blue and Green?

July 4, 2008

Lakewood Ranch is ready to turn on the electric switch as more residents buy green autos.

Lakewood Ranch claims to be the largest green community in the country, and now it has another gem of an idea…with GEM cars, or Global Electric Motorcars.

There are a growing number of GEM car drivers in Lakewood Ranch, so the Ranch wants to accommodate them by making the community electric car-friendly.  

They’re road safe and street legal, and the Ranch will soon assign parking spaces as GEM car only and install plug-in stations for residents to get a charge.  But the Ranch won’t have to change its speed limit, since the GEM car goes about 35 mph and the speed limit throughout Lakewood Ranch is that or slower.  “It really can be planned so that you can get to all the intricate places,” says Lakewood Ranch’s Sondra Guffey. 

Lakewood Ranch officials are hoping more and more residents will get on board a GEM car.  They are working on a program where Lakewood Ranch residents will receive incentives for owning one.  GEM cars start at around $7,000, but remember: no gas required.  And with gas averaging over $4.00 a gallon, a GEM car is looking like a real gem.


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